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Welcome to your Student Centre!

2016-2017 Club Office Allocations Forms are available here.

They must be printed and submitted to the York University Student Centre office at Suite 335 by 4:00pm on March 24th 2016.

The Student Centre is a central point for community life at York University. It is dedicated primarily to serving the cultural, social, educational, organizational and recreational interests of the York community on a non-profit basis.

The Student Centre is more than just place for students to meet and relax. The Student Centre houses a number of services as well as approximately 35 student clubs. Several cultural, ethnic, and various student groups organize several exciting programs throughout the year. These groups use the Student Centre as the location for their social events, cultural programs and a variety of other activities.

The York University Student Centre (YUSC) manages the facility and coordinates all activities that take place at the Centre throughout the year.